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White People’s Party: The Coming Latino Democratic Surge


Republican and Independent Identifications by Ethnicity: 2008 General Social Surveys

Seine karte bitte!! Ah, yes, the Republicans say Immigration is off the table for now. Like they want to talk about anything….Maybe they noticed that their little fascist tea bagger things were ill-attended, and more likely to spawn third party candidates who will wind up Nadering Republicans. Or, maybe they got a whiff of the frijoles from the crowd —seven times as large as the tea baggers– protesting for basic civil rights for hard working, tax paying  immigrants in this nation of immigrants. The tea baggers made death threats and threw bricks through Representatives’ windows, the immigrants painted swastikas of refried beans–easily cleaned with a bag of tortilla chips. But, the fascist laws that just went into effect in Arizona—basically legalizing the kinds of shit immigrants and long term citizens of Latin American descent have to take up the ass all the time—are not going to be taken lightly.

What the Republicans really just don’t get is that they’ve now alienated their last potential growing constituency—conservative immigrants. In the 2008 GSS, 78% of Republican identifiers are white Western Europeans. Only a minority (35%) of Eastern European white people identify with the Republican Party.  Of course, African Americans switched over to the Democratic Party in droves in the 1960s, and now only a handful of wackjob nutcases (under 7% of African Americans) like Michael Steele affiliate with this whites only club. But, Latin Americans and Asians never fully defected from the Republican Party, even after they became raving fools under Raygun. Indeed, the 2008 GSS show that Americans of  Latin American descent are the largest non-white constituency in the Republican Party—larger than Eastern European whites, Asians, or African Americans.  A sizable majority of Latin Americans reported voting for W in the 2004 election (54%), and Latin American and Asian AMERICAN CITIZENS are a large and growing percentage of the voting population.  Many of these people are relatively recent immigrants (though most are NOT first generation immigrants), and many more have friends and family who are immigrants or who would like to come to our great nation. Many of these citizens have seen children, spouses, and elderly parents denied entry because our laws and procedures are designed to prevent immigrants from coming to America, staying here, and living happy and normal lives. You can’t live a normal life if your adult kid can’t visit or come live with you, or if your elderly parents can’t live with you so you can take care of them. You can’t live normally if you pay taxes but can’t become a citizen. It’s funny that we have all of these lazy, loser-fuck tea baggers protesting paying their taxes, while right behind them was a much larger throng of hard-working, tax-paying immigrants who only want a fair shake.

Ah, but the Republicans are going to get theirs. The Latino vote is a swing vote. Latin American citizens identify as Independent at an extremely high rate (29%) –higher than any other ethnic group (Asians being not far behind at 25%).  Now that it is clear that the White People’s Party wants them subject to security checks when they try to take their kids to school, go to work, or shop for groceries, I have a feeling that many of them will no longer think the Republicans are simply a voice of fiscal or moral conservatism. Indeed, the laws also impact Asians, and many Asian immigrants are realizing that their “model minority” status only extends to Korean Christian physicians, and the rest of you fucking Moslem Hindu Buddhist motherfuckers need to convert or go back to Africa where you belong….I’m thinking maybe that many Asian Americans may feel alienated from the Party of White. Of course, David Duke is all on board….

Atlanta, why?


Well, the Southern Sociological Society meetings were a great event in spite of the sucky location. I’m sorry. I just can’t get all hot and bothered about being plopped down in gigantic downtown areas where most of the “amenities” are crappy chain restaurants–if they are open. I spent a bit of Thursday night wandering the streets with Tom S., Vince R., and John N trying to find a fucking beer. Everything was closed. We wound up going back to the same kind of lame brew pub we had left earlier….At least nobody was seriously injured by the irate grad student from an unnamed university….Geez….I always thought Vince and Tom were the most likable people in the world….

I was a bit irritated the whole time in Atlanta, as I was fucked over by the hotel or expedia one, so I paid a hefty $400+ for one night. If this isn’t resolved, and it probably won’t be, I’ll never use expedia again…fuckers. And, I mapquested the wrong hotel and wound up driving all the way across downtown Atlanta….Not fun after 7 hours in the saddle.

But, Jeff Will, Dave Gay, and the regular Southerns crew make it all worthwhile! Jeff has done an awesome job with the student party, and it has really had a strong positive effect on the overall association. Jacksonville is going to be one hell of a party….

Happy Christian Terrorist Day!!!


Christian Terrorism in the US

Yes, there we were. Alfred Darnell and I had agreed to meet at the Boundry, one of our favorite watering holes in Nashville. I was there a little early and pulled up a seat at the bar. They had a full bank of televisions, all of them turned on to the same thing.  Alfred walked up just a minute later and I think all he said was “oh, shit.”  I was in the Murrah building when I was at the University of Oklahoma and had to get a duplicate of my Social Security Card.  I raced a criterium around the Memorial Park several years after the bombing. It’s an important reminder of what Christian America wants. They want us non-Christians to be killed, tortured, kicked out of the country, or at best disenfranchised. We are illegitimate rulers, political actors, educators, parents, community members, and whatever. If you’re not a white fundamentalist Christian, you should go back to Africa where you came from, right?  If you’re not a fundy, you must be a part of the Zionist Occupation Government, or in league with the Moslem, Communist, homosexuals.

I wonder if our Christianist militias will pull off much terrorism today? It’s still early…..

Kirche Heute


Gee, I think the Germans are on to something…..It’ll be interesting to hear what any of our wonderful conservative Catholic sociologists have to say about any of this. So far, and since 2002 (and most sociologists in the know knew abut the molestation by the late 1980s), absolute silence. Nothing going on here. The problem is feminism, liberalism, and gays and lesbians….not child molesting priests, bishops…Cardinals? Pope?

hat tip to gonorrea.

Wilma Mankiller, 1945-2010


She saved the Cherokee

The Cherokee tribe has lost its most important leader of the last century. Wilma Mankiller died of pancreatic cancer April 6th. When Mankiller took over the tribe the Cherokee were in turmoil. Their facilities and tribal support system was shot, the BIA was screwing them, and they had no way to make things better for their people. Until this firebrand grabbed the feds by the balls and dreamed to make things work for  her tribe. She didn’t want a handout, she wanted the ability to survive as a nation. And, she did it. Now, the Cherokee are prosperous and proud. It never would have happened without Wilma Mankiller.

I met Wilma many times when I was a lowly busboy working at restaurants in Tulsa. She was like a gracious queen. You couldn’t be in her presence without realizing her enormous integrity and grace. She looked busboys in the eye, and thanked us for water, sincerely. But, mostly, we really loved her good friend Peter Manhart! He was a nut. I assume Peter is dead, but that man was a Tulsa legend. He’d drive in from near Tahlequah in his 6.9 litre Mercedes and have a rockin’ good time. Sometimes my buddy Davis Tompkins would have to drive him home in his car and spend the night to get a ride back. It wasn’t just that the guy was a fun drunk, what mattered about Peter is that he treated you like a human even though he was a rich guy and we were a ragtag bunch of black guys and middle easterners. Still, it was a damned good thing for the Cherokee that it was Wilma and not Peter who became Chief.

Jesus Fuck! I almost missed blogging against Theocracy!


Jesus would Smack You Shitless

Ah well, I blog against theocracy all the time….

Unfortunately, we still have it. That damned anti-Christ, Moslem, Atheist, Homosexual Communist Barak Hussein Obama guy can’t seem to find the time to defund all of these fucking unconstitutional Christianist front groups proselytizing to the poor using my tax dollars. He can’t seem to get up the Islamic, commie homosexual mojo to defund our support for Christianist militias in Africa (funded under the guise of “anti-aids” and other health movements). And, he can’t seem to grow the nads to end the child abuse that is Christian home-schooling and Christian “schooling”; which fosters our militia movements, domestic abuse, support for warmongering,  racism, and all manner of other ills.

Ah well, what the fuck. At least the FBI seems to be proactively confronting some of these fuckers before they kill too many people. But, of course, that’s just labeled craziness, instead of Christian Terrorism.

And, there is hope. 20% of Americans now reject religion and/or Christianity entirely. The proportion is growing steadily. And, us heathens actually pay our taxes and shit. We even fill out census forms and vote. We teach our children to help others and to be good Americans and citizens of the world. Our kids go to college, get good jobs, and don’t wind up in jail. Some day, some day soon, these Jesus fucks will get their comeuppance.