Catholic Child Molestation: Exposing the Pope

You see nothing! Nothing!!!

Well, well. “Molest locally, cover it up globally” seems to be the new motto for the boys in the Catholic Church. This is huge. As Mark Silk points out, this isn’t the worst thing the Church has ever faced–but, Mark is a closet Medieval Church expert, so he immediately thinks of things like Anti-popes and other overt challenges to the Church of Rome.

But, Jesus Fucking Sheep, when are these people gonna let up!! It doesn’t seem unreasonable to think that a huge proportion of Catholic clergy and Bishops have been actively involved in covering up CHILD RAPE. Yes, motherfuckers, CHILD RAPE. Please, let’s stop the snickering. This isn’t really funny. These people should have been immediately tried in civil courts and put into prison for a very, very long time.  AND, conspiracy to cover up a serious felony is a crime!!! Jesus fuck, if these people had conspired to import a few kilos of marijuana into the United States they’d have been sent up the river for decades. But, raping children is ok if you’re a MAN OF JESUS.  Yes, that’s the ticket. You want to rape kids, become a priest. They don’t let you have sex with adult peers, but I’m guessing that child rapists don’t value egalitarian relationships. Indeed, conservative Christians in general tend to devalue egalitarian sexual relations. So, it doesn’t seem that abnormal to move from Christian Patriarchy to child rape. It only changes the age of the person beneath the patriarch.

What seems lost in this discussion is the prosecution of the conspirators. It’s time to round these motherfuckers up, put them on trial in secular courts, and put them in PRISON. And, it appears that the  barely-out-of-the-closet Ruby Slippers wearing Pope wasn’t just a passing figure, but a KEY person involved in the international coverup. The motherfucker should be in PRISON!!! I hope someone in Europe has the nads to start the official proceedings.

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