Terrorizing the Anti-Christ: What “Evangelicals” Really Want

Tea Bag me for Jesus

Ah, yes, now we see, eh? Does anyone still believe all the horse shit that conservative christian pseudo-social scientists have been peddling? “Evangelicals” just want to be left alone. They just want to have their own gated all-white communities where they can teach their children their values! So, what are these values that they teach their children? Well, the value of white skin, sectarian christian religion, guns, and the use of force to get your way when the majority prefer other alternatives.  After all, if the Lord Fucking Jesus is going to send these godless, heathen, antichrist, atheist, communist,  Moslem,  mutherfuckers to hell to be tortured for eternity in the great Gitmo below, then good American Christians can just go ahead and start the process here on earth, right? Yes, yes, we now have some empirical confirmation of what the old Iranian Redneck has been claiming since it was clear that Obama was going to win the election in 2008, a large proportion of Christian Americans are wackjob nutcases who think Obama is a Moslem, communist, homosexual, atheist and is probably the anti-Christ. And, what they really want is to kill President Obama, liberal members of Congress, and liberal and progressive Americans who have supported the Anti-Christ (Obama, remember, or maybe it’s his daughter Malia).

Christian terrorism has been through the roof in the United States since the nomination of Obama, and now the Christian terrorists  seem poised for even more mayhem—what with the Anti-Christ actually delivering on his promise to get some health care to poor people (Christian Americans HATE poor people, especially if they have dark skin).  And, a national system for health care  is certainly a harbinger of those mandatory new social security numbers with the three extra digits, you know, 666-453-65-9876….Mark of the Beast.

But, you won’t be seeing any social scientific studies of the impact of religious resources and ideologies on support for violence against the state, or any studies examining the predictors of Tea Bagging, or on the social origins of Tea bagger terrorists. No. We won’t see any examinations of the influence of Christian American schooling or homeschooling on the decline of civic virtues or support for terrorist tactics against the state (or against other Americans). No. Everyone knows that good Christians are always good. And, if a good Christian assassinates some politicians or kills some innocent civilians, then that person is automatically reclassified as a not-good-Christian. Until they pull the trigger, they’re simply another poor oppressed Christian, struggling against the forces of evil secularism. Because these religious nutcases didn’t get their way on a political question, they are now threatening members of Congress, the President, and other Americans.  I hope the Secret Service and FBI are taking these Christian terrorists more seriously than are American sociologists.

The sociological navel gazing about the direction and future of the sociology of religion has focused too much on issues like the concentration of studies on the United States, and on whether or not religion is used as a dependent or independent variable. Those aren’t the real issues. The problem with the sociology of religion is that our studies of the United States  ignore  or soft pedal the problem of sectarian and fundamentalist  Christianity, and how conservative Christianity impacts other social institutions (family, politics, science, education, culture…).

But gee, if one were a real sociologist, these times would be quite an opportunity for studying religious terrorism and religiously inspired extremist movements…..

13 Responses to “Terrorizing the Anti-Christ: What “Evangelicals” Really Want”

  1. Mag Says:

    I’m thinking you’re the right sociologist for the job…

  2. sherkat Says:

    Thanks, man. You may find this hard to believe, but I’m getting depressed about how fucked up my field has become. I’d love to tackle these questions, but I can’t. I don’t have any prospects to fund a study of the scope necessary to demonstrate how these right wing motherfuckers are essentially “mainstream” garden variety jesus freaks. Who’s gonna fund it? NSF is probably my only hope, and they blow most of their wad on a few studies a year (and being at East Northwestern Bumfuck State Tech does not improve your chances of NSF funding….). I can’t do qualitative research, since that would require actually talking with these motherfuckers ….So, I don’t know. After I finally finish this book I’m working on, I may start studying salamanders. Seriously. A buddy of mine in Zoology has invited me to join his research team. I can catch frogs and salamanders and weigh them and shit, and do the statistics and some of the writing for the papers….

  3. Ryan Says:

    I can’t do much about the funding, but I’ll publish your research! (on the Christian extremists, not the salamanders)

  4. Conrad Hackett Says:

    Aren’t you embattled and thriving?

    I imagine being a frog statistics guru would be much less satisfying than continuing as a disenchanted sociologist of religion.

    Isn’t this the most widely read blog by a sociologist of religion for sociologists of religion? You are certainly able to articulate your concerns clearly here. If you start posting about salamanders, you’ll have to really spice up the topic or I’ll drop this blog from my RSS feed.

  5. sherkat Says:

    I didn’t get into this business to battle with ideologues. I’m sick and tired of the culture wars. After over 20 years in this industry, it’s more than a little disheartening to spend five years getting a paper published when it should take no more than a year. It makes the research process a drudgery, and creates considerable unnecessary anxiety. I don’t need the publications, thankfully, but I don’t need to spend all of my time arguing with disingenuous reviewers, either. This hampers my already limited productivity (I’ve never been at a REAL research university where I’d have computer and data support, and research assistance).

    Actually, zoology is extremely exciting, and hanging out with zoologists is liberating and fulfilling. No culture wars. No political bullshit. No ass kissing. No subterfuge. Just science! Wow. Imagine that!

  6. Conrad Hackett Says:

    Sorry that soc of religion has been so frustrating for you. I’m not sold on zoology though.

  7. Hagan Says:

    The line about actually talking to these fucks killed me man. I never understood how Todd did what he did with the Westboro, and while talking to these ass clowns MIGHT be fruitful, it most likely would get you know where as they have an inherent distrust of liberal, atheist, east-coast, big city, commies (yadda yadda). Watching anyone even attempt to interview and get answers out of them is painful.

    On a side, I will be at the SSS in Atlanta on at least the Friday, and maybe more. I will more than likely have a van load of undergrads with me, but if you are there I will look you up.

  8. sherkat Says:

    Hey Steve,

    Yeah, I don’t know how Todd does that shit….

    I’ll be in Atlanta mostly on Thursday, then off to Athens on Fri-Sat for a bike race. Let me know if you get there early. I may hang in on Friday depending on my race time, but I think I’m leaving Atlanta sometime Friday afternoon.

  9. Hagan Says:

    I will let you know. I should be there all day.

  10. Conrad Hackett Says:

    Baylor study finds Baylor students primed with religious language evince more racist views: http://www.abpnews.com/content/view/5025/53/


  11. Darren Sherkat Says:

    Good thing Associate Professor Rowatt has tenure. Ken Starr will be trying to fire him, nonetheless. And he can forget getting any more funding from the Baylor Foundation or from Templeton…

    Religion spurs racism. How much more evidence do we need? Someone could easily write an Annual Review of Sociology article on that and have trouble keeping the citations down to the maximum.

    And, lest I be accused of harboring undue antipathy towards the Baylor faculty, there is not a recently promoted associate professor in their sociology department who does NOT have a glowingly positive letter in his (all boys) tenure file from this Iranian Redneck.

  12. Conrad Hackett Says:

    here is a review article on the topic –


  13. aketzle Says:

    For what it’s worth, I didn’t even know the sociology of religion EXISTED before I took your class. You’ve turned me on to a whole new field of research (sparse or shitty as it may be), and for that, I thank you eternally! Not that I’m doing anything much with it, besides being a hell of a lot better informed than I was, but for me, that fucking counts. I’m sorry things suck so badly that it’s turned you bitter. If I ever win the lottery, I’ll consider funding your research. Seriously.

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