Happy Friggin’ NoRooz Kansas!!! Ali Farokhmanesh, Iranian Redneck hero!

Wow. That wasn’t in my NCAA bracket. Northern Iowa is the big conference rival for SIU. This year, SIU couldn’t pull out a close game to save their lives, but Northern was on fire most of the year–were it not for a few lapses they’d have been ranked a lot higher. Kansas had the toughest bracket from the start, and I can’t believe the pundits actually favored them for the championship. A great win for NIU and  for the MVC! I wish my undergrad alma mater, the University of Tulsa, would come back to the MVC….

This Farokhmanesh kid is pretty interesting, he may wind up being a coach of some repute some day.  His mom is head volleyball coach at Iowa (of Iowa Redneck stock) and his dad (a  refugee from the fundamentalist revolution in Iran) is assistant coach. Daddy Farokhmanesh even did some graduate work at SIU!! Volleyball is huge in all of Asia, particularly for men. Title IX pretty much killed men’s volleyball in the US. But, basketball has always had a presence in Iran. My father played basketball in high school in Iran in  the 1940s, and he was pretty good. I’m sure the sport has been killed off by the fundies. Iran can barely even field a decent soccer team anymore, and the best players are mostly Christians, Jews, Ba’hai, Zoroastrians, and seculars and are looking to bolt to Europe ASAP.

Most of this game was not close, and Kansas finally looked like the better team only in the last three minutes. But this was just classic, cold blooded, fuck-you I’m pullin’ up and draining the 3, and sending you back to “what’s the matter with Kansas”

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