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Catholic Child Molestation: Exposing the Pope


You see nothing! Nothing!!!

Well, well. “Molest locally, cover it up globally” seems to be the new motto for the boys in the Catholic Church. This is huge. As Mark Silk points out, this isn’t the worst thing the Church has ever faced–but, Mark is a closet Medieval Church expert, so he immediately thinks of things like Anti-popes and other overt challenges to the Church of Rome.

But, Jesus Fucking Sheep, when are these people gonna let up!! It doesn’t seem unreasonable to think that a huge proportion of Catholic clergy and Bishops have been actively involved in covering up CHILD RAPE. Yes, motherfuckers, CHILD RAPE. Please, let’s stop the snickering. This isn’t really funny. These people should have been immediately tried in civil courts and put into prison for a very, very long time.  AND, conspiracy to cover up a serious felony is a crime!!! Jesus fuck, if these people had conspired to import a few kilos of marijuana into the United States they’d have been sent up the river for decades. But, raping children is ok if you’re a MAN OF JESUS.  Yes, that’s the ticket. You want to rape kids, become a priest. They don’t let you have sex with adult peers, but I’m guessing that child rapists don’t value egalitarian relationships. Indeed, conservative Christians in general tend to devalue egalitarian sexual relations. So, it doesn’t seem that abnormal to move from Christian Patriarchy to child rape. It only changes the age of the person beneath the patriarch.

What seems lost in this discussion is the prosecution of the conspirators. It’s time to round these motherfuckers up, put them on trial in secular courts, and put them in PRISON. And, it appears that the  barely-out-of-the-closet Ruby Slippers wearing Pope wasn’t just a passing figure, but a KEY person involved in the international coverup. The motherfucker should be in PRISON!!! I hope someone in Europe has the nads to start the official proceedings.

Terrorizing the Anti-Christ: What “Evangelicals” Really Want


Tea Bag me for Jesus

Ah, yes, now we see, eh? Does anyone still believe all the horse shit that conservative christian pseudo-social scientists have been peddling? “Evangelicals” just want to be left alone. They just want to have their own gated all-white communities where they can teach their children their values! So, what are these values that they teach their children? Well, the value of white skin, sectarian christian religion, guns, and the use of force to get your way when the majority prefer other alternatives.  After all, if the Lord Fucking Jesus is going to send these godless, heathen, antichrist, atheist, communist,  Moslem,  mutherfuckers to hell to be tortured for eternity in the great Gitmo below, then good American Christians can just go ahead and start the process here on earth, right? Yes, yes, we now have some empirical confirmation of what the old Iranian Redneck has been claiming since it was clear that Obama was going to win the election in 2008, a large proportion of Christian Americans are wackjob nutcases who think Obama is a Moslem, communist, homosexual, atheist and is probably the anti-Christ. And, what they really want is to kill President Obama, liberal members of Congress, and liberal and progressive Americans who have supported the Anti-Christ (Obama, remember, or maybe it’s his daughter Malia).

Christian terrorism has been through the roof in the United States since the nomination of Obama, and now the Christian terrorists  seem poised for even more mayhem—what with the Anti-Christ actually delivering on his promise to get some health care to poor people (Christian Americans HATE poor people, especially if they have dark skin).  And, a national system for health care  is certainly a harbinger of those mandatory new social security numbers with the three extra digits, you know, 666-453-65-9876….Mark of the Beast.

But, you won’t be seeing any social scientific studies of the impact of religious resources and ideologies on support for violence against the state, or any studies examining the predictors of Tea Bagging, or on the social origins of Tea bagger terrorists. No. We won’t see any examinations of the influence of Christian American schooling or homeschooling on the decline of civic virtues or support for terrorist tactics against the state (or against other Americans). No. Everyone knows that good Christians are always good. And, if a good Christian assassinates some politicians or kills some innocent civilians, then that person is automatically reclassified as a not-good-Christian. Until they pull the trigger, they’re simply another poor oppressed Christian, struggling against the forces of evil secularism. Because these religious nutcases didn’t get their way on a political question, they are now threatening members of Congress, the President, and other Americans.  I hope the Secret Service and FBI are taking these Christian terrorists more seriously than are American sociologists.

The sociological navel gazing about the direction and future of the sociology of religion has focused too much on issues like the concentration of studies on the United States, and on whether or not religion is used as a dependent or independent variable. Those aren’t the real issues. The problem with the sociology of religion is that our studies of the United States  ignore  or soft pedal the problem of sectarian and fundamentalist  Christianity, and how conservative Christianity impacts other social institutions (family, politics, science, education, culture…).

But gee, if one were a real sociologist, these times would be quite an opportunity for studying religious terrorism and religiously inspired extremist movements…..

Happy Friggin’ NoRooz Kansas!!! Ali Farokhmanesh, Iranian Redneck hero!


Wow. That wasn’t in my NCAA bracket. Northern Iowa is the big conference rival for SIU. This year, SIU couldn’t pull out a close game to save their lives, but Northern was on fire most of the year–were it not for a few lapses they’d have been ranked a lot higher. Kansas had the toughest bracket from the start, and I can’t believe the pundits actually favored them for the championship. A great win for NIU and  for the MVC! I wish my undergrad alma mater, the University of Tulsa, would come back to the MVC….

This Farokhmanesh kid is pretty interesting, he may wind up being a coach of some repute some day.  His mom is head volleyball coach at Iowa (of Iowa Redneck stock) and his dad (a  refugee from the fundamentalist revolution in Iran) is assistant coach. Daddy Farokhmanesh even did some graduate work at SIU!! Volleyball is huge in all of Asia, particularly for men. Title IX pretty much killed men’s volleyball in the US. But, basketball has always had a presence in Iran. My father played basketball in high school in Iran in  the 1940s, and he was pretty good. I’m sure the sport has been killed off by the fundies. Iran can barely even field a decent soccer team anymore, and the best players are mostly Christians, Jews, Ba’hai, Zoroastrians, and seculars and are looking to bolt to Europe ASAP.

Most of this game was not close, and Kansas finally looked like the better team only in the last three minutes. But this was just classic, cold blooded, fuck-you I’m pullin’ up and draining the 3, and sending you back to “what’s the matter with Kansas”

Get out the Rulers, please!


Hopefully, the women can fish him out and clean him up....

Well, finally, someone in the Catholic Church has the nuts to stop squawking about irrelevant shit and stand up for the social justice principles which have kept that religious firm afloat for nearly 2,000 years.  Of course, it was the women religious. The nuns. The religious orders who made American Catholicism. They were the cheap labor which countered Protestant proselytization efforts, enabled the development of an infrastructure of schools and hospitals, and made certain that Catholicism had a vibrant family community. Unlike the pedophile patriarchs, who seem to seek public status more than servitude. As the women say in their statement, even if you oppose abortion, that is another fight, and this victory would most likely reduce abortion, not increase it.

Sect Acts


Ah, yes. Don’t come to the Tour de France with a tricycle……

The Christianist mafia which seeks to control the social scientific message regarding the impact of Christianity on social life just hasn’t quite banked on one thing—in mainstream social sciences, some journal editors actually read the reviews and the articles!!!! And, thankfully, some editors have at least read a little Weber and Durkheim and Berger. You can’t just  LIE about shit in reviews and get away with it in perpetuity. The fact is, science is built on reviewers, and reviewers who can’t be trusted can’t be tolerated. Or, they should simply be ignored when an editor just needs a few more reviews to feel like they’ve bagged the quota.

In the latest episode Conservative Christian Reviewer Syndrome, I actually had two nutjob reviewers suggest that the sociological concept of “sect” was non-normative and simply pejorative.  Jesus fucking sheep!!! Sect?! Larry Fucking Iannaccone has no less than three major publications with “sect” in the TITLE and he’s a proud member of a sect! Apparently some of these activist “scholars” are fine being the upstart sects who win America, but not fine with being the sectarian groups who oppose science and have members with minimal intellect.

One of the classy Christian reviewers  claimed that the Southern Baptists and the Assembly of God were not sects! Wow, a reviewer at a major journal who couldn’t pass my 300-level undergrad sociology of religion midterm…..and I’m grading right now….In the sociology of religion, the term sect has long referred to religious movements with some tension with the more dominant social and religious understandings, as Ben Johnson told us, echoing Weber, Troelsch, Niebuhr…… Obviously, the Southern Baptists and the Assembly of God are classic sectarian denominations, literally textbook examples. The SBC demands that wives submit to the authority of their husbands, and the AOG actually believes in possession by a spirit god and spewing prophecy through glossolalia (and faith healing!). How much more tension do you need to be a sect?!! I can’t believe some of the shit in these two reviews, and thankfully the editor ignored them and sided with the one normal reviewer who had some very good comments about how to restructure the front end of the paper.  The Christianist reviewers will not fare well in the market for reputations, and my revisions will be easy.

No, You can’t.

Intelligence makes you atheistic? Or does fundamentalism make you stupid?


De Gustibus est Disputandum

Ah, my old buddy Satoshi Kanazawa is once again causing all manner of mischief. I really like Satoshi. He’s a genuine intellect of the old-school variety. And, he’s consistent! Satoshi and I agree on everything, and don’t agree about shit! Seriously. We consistently formulate oppositional perspectives on things like the origin of preferences, religiosity, and the relationship between cultural choices and psychological states. We wind up in the same place, but we get there on a very different path. Most recently, Satoshi explains the negative relationship between religiosity and IQ by arguing that intelligence as a general evolutionary trait is associated with novel orientations such as irreligiosity, liberalism, and monogamy (echoing a major theme in some of his previous works).

What is interesting is that in his paper in the latest issue of Social Psychology Quarterly, Satoshi reverses the modeling of religious effects examined in my own paper in the latest issue of Social Science Research on the influence of religion on verbal ability (what he calls “verbal intelligence”, but we’re using the same GSS data).  Satoshi justifies his use of verbal ability as an independent variable predicting religiosity and other factors based on an evolutionary theory–smart people are more receptive to varied ideas, and eventually this matters in a grand evolutionary framework.

In contrast, I argue that verbal ability is a product of social interaction, and that people learn more from interacting with novel ideas and diverse others. Sectarian and fundamentalist religious communities restrict this interaction, and the cognitive redundancy and limited diversity of social interactions retards the verbal ability of fundamentalists and sectarians.  Adopted sectarians and people raised as fundamentalist who were biologically from other traditions would exhibit a similar pattern of verbal retardation. The enormous positive effects of age on verbal ability identified as a learning factor by Wilson and Gove (using these same data), suggest that learning matters a great deal.

Still, Satoshi is probably on to something.  General intelligence may well have an impact on the valuation of religious rewards. But, we don’t have any evidence of that, yet.