Impalin’ Palin?

Fundies, Only two decades behind....

Patriarchal gender relations are the hallmark of conservative Christianity, and in fundamentalist variants of all major religious traditions. Now right wing activists and media types, including Jeb W. Bush, are beginning to mount a challenge to Sarah Palin, on the grounds that she is SOOOOO less intellectual than dipsticks like W., Bill O, and various other fat-fuck, right-wing bloviators. Gee. Hard to discern the luminescence of bulbs so dim….

But, one thing we do know is the right wingers hate women. So, despite being an attractive hockey mom from the Aryan Nation, Sarah P is working against a fairly powerful undercurrent in her own subcultural (that would be, beneath culture) community.

The GSS asks: what ” If your party nominated a woman for President, would you vote for her if she were qualified for the job?” As you can see above, attitudes have shifted considerably over time. In 1988, almost 20% of the fundamentalist base tapped by Palin would not vote for a woman even under such favorable conditions. Yet, less than half that proportion of non-fundamentalists were so blatantly misogynist. Fast forward twenty years, to 2008, and we see that our little fundamentalists have changed (apparently, the Lord Fucking Jesus changed his mind), and just under 9% are overt misogynists (about the same as other respondents 20 years before). Of course, social change keeps on a chuggin’, and only a paltry 2% of secular respondents are bigots–so fundies actually became MORE different from seculars, despite their  shift in values.

Yeah, it’s less than 10% of fundamentalists. However, GSS data from 2006-2008 show that 36.1% of Republican identifiers are fundamentalists–believers in the inerrancy of the “bible”. And, GSS data also show that even in 2008, nearly 10% of Republicans wouldn’t vote for a QUALIFIED Republican woman. And, Olympia Snowe ain’t runnin’…..

2 Responses to “Impalin’ Palin?”

  1. Guapo Says:

    Love the erudite analysis, Professor!

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