No Weed for Jesus!!

Religion and Support for Marijuana Legalization: 2008 GSS

Several states are considering legalizing Marijuana to end the nonsensical “war on drugs” (aka the war on blacks, hispanics, and hippies), and to generate enormous tax revenue while decreasing law enforcement and incarceration costs. It’ll be a huge uphill battle, since the Feds ain’t ready to give up their welfare-for-fascists program–after all, we need to spend those billions of tax dollars supporting the livelihoods of narcs and prison guards. In an earlier post, I tracked the trend in support for legalization, and showed the huge period effects in support for legalization–with the nadir in the Raygun-Bush regime, and an upward trend since. I was wondering whether religious factors might play a role in the issue, and how.

To my surprise, what I find is that ALL Christians in the US express similar levels of opposition to legalization. Mainline Protestants, Catholics, and Sectarian Protestants have roughly the same level of approval. Sectarians are, as expected, on the low side with only 1/3rd supporting legalization, but Catholics and Mainliners are both well under 40% (which is the mean for the nation). In constrast, the majority of all types of non-Christians support legalization. Jews lead the way with 70% in support, while about 57% of those with no religious affiliation want legal weed. I’m pretty sure that if Jesus existed, he was a stoner. So, I really can’t explain these results. Well, except maybe that Jesus was also a Jew….


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