Jesus Hates Haiti

Yes, it was the pact with Satan to remove the godly white people from Haiti which doomed those evil voodoo worshiping dark skinned people to devastation, so saith Jesus’ personal spokesperson, Pat Robertson. Jesus fucking shit. Can we please get those reeducation camps rolling and get Pat and his people into some intensive therapy?

And, of course, since most of the mobile infrastructure of our great nation is being used to blow people up in Iraq and Afghanistan, we’re not even very well equipped to help people in need. Our trucks, mobile hospitals, doctors, soldiers, engineers, excavators, search dogs, you name it, they ain’t around. Important shit we need to help people in our own country and in our own backyard is being wasted hurting people elsewhere.¬† Doctors without borders is getting some money from me.


One Response to “Jesus Hates Haiti”

  1. Mag Says:

    Uncle Pat definitely needs some time alone with a very violent and very gay motorcycle club….

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