The New Negro

The answer is in here, we just need a 9' guy

Gee, in the classic doublestandard, the party of racism  and Dick Cheney’s demon spawn are now calling for Majority Leader Oldfucker Reid to resign for saying “Negro dialect” in a private conversation two years ago. He did not, importantly, refer to any particular person as a “Negro”. Yet, at the same time, the head of the Republican party is calling for Reid’s resignation, and yet the little head of the Republican Party, Rush Limbaugh and his buddies, are decrying the identifier “African American” as simply a bogus, politically correct term.

As a sociologist, I’m amused on both points. First, racial identities are highly fluid, and in the course of my lifetime I’ve seen Colored, Negro, Afro American, Black, and now African American become the preferred identifiers for people in the US with some African heritage. Given that most of these people are former slaves, and that the slave trade ground to a halt in the early 19th century, the vast majority of  “African” Americans are WAY more American (whatever the fuck Amerigo Vespucci has to do with anything) than are most Cracker Ass Whiteys. Most of the “Africans” have been in the United States longer than the vast majority of Irish, and longer than almost any of the Germans, Poles, Hungarians, Russians, Italians, Swedes, Dutch, etc.

People get to call themselves what they want, I suppose. But I have to admit I was bummed when “black” went down sometime between 1989 and 1995 (I judge that based on editorial suggestions on my publications during that period). Frankly, I didn’t see anything wrong with “colored” (nor did the NAACP or the Colored Methodist Episcopal Church) since that more accurately reflects their varied heritage (and their color)–the PC moniker “people of color” reflects this reality. And, the real reason I hate “African American”  (unlike Glenn Beck and Rush, who just hate Africans), is that we finally have African Americans!!! In 1965 we lifted the old exclusion acts, and low and behold, there were actually some people from Africa who wanted to come to the US and make it their home (Crazy Shit!!!–those people obviously never consulted with any of the “Africans” already living in the US). Now, we have pretty substantial populations of Americans who immigrated from Africa. So, now, what are we supposed to call them? African African Americans?


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