Rick Warren’s $900,000 Jesus

I saw a $900,000 Jesus....

Well, gee, just like his old buddy Oral Roberts, Dick Warren managed to get his rubes to cough up the cash “needed” to continue his ‘ministry.”   Yeah. Gotta fund some Christianist militias in Africa, and some anti-homo legislation, and maybe some Republican candidates to help prevent socialist, communist, islamic, homosexuality from taking over our great God Fearing Nation. Oh, and some good white Christians may be facing foreclosure on their homes and Hummers, and Big Dickie will surely save a few of those fat ugly Christianist bastards from his church (and put it on Teee Veee).  And, like his Christianist predecessor, Warren’s pleading for cash was rewarded by the Christian fundamentalists who fuel sectarian Christianity worldwide. They want a Christian America, a Christian World, and they’ll pay to make it happen!

That’s great!!! And, it’s a wonderful exemplification of why the religion industry should be taxed, just like the music industry, sports, or any other cultural commodity. These people desire a cultural collective good which they find valuable. I find their product noxious, and the spillover of Christian activism into many realms of life has real consequences for my well being. Not only are Warren and his ilk funding political movements opposing civil rights, education, and health care in the United States, they’re also the backers of US aggression in foreign policy, and are quite successful in their efforts to help Christian converts in lesser developed nations triumph over other religions–generally through the time-honored technique of genocide. It is no wonder that our latest would-be suicide bomber was a Nigerian Muslim, hailing from a country where Christians have killed tens of thousands of his co-religionists. It’s time to make Christian activists compete on an even playing field with other cultural institutions which suffer from their activism. Tax the income, property, and assets of religious organizations the same way one would if they were pornography producers, record companies, or breweries.


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