Alan J. Kuperman, Sleazebag Pseudoscholar of the Year

Genocide is good, if I'm on the other side.

Wow, sticking it just under the wire with his slimeball warmongering piece in the “New York” Times, Alan J. Kuperman beats out a stacked field of right wing whores to win the title of Sleazebag Pseudoscholar of 2009! Kuperman barely scraped through tenure based on a short book published on the far right wing  Brookings Foundation press (based on a previously published article in a minor journal). There he argued that pacifism is bullshit because a few thousand troops could have prevented genocide in Rwanda. Since that is true, military action is justified everywhere else in the world, and preferred to that nasty hippy diplomacy shit. I wonder how many troops if would take to prevent genocide in Gaza, and why isn’t Kuperman writing about that?  Maybe we could use some of those bunker buster bombs to eliminate Israel’s nuclear threat to the planet.  Despite his thin scholarly credentials, Kuperman is now  a world renowned expert on why we should ignore diplomacy and become engaged in a third war against Iran! And, he has a hipster mole! Wow, he must be so cool, for a fucking genocidal fascist.

What does young Alan think? Well, fuck that diplomacy crap. Obviously, the 1.5 weeks that the Obama administration has devoted to actually engaging Iran is negated by the distorted intelligence which suggests that Iran  MAY have begun to pursue a nuclear weapons program (which they abandoned in 2003…like we should believe any of this “intelligence” which is almost uniformly provided by fucktards like Kuperman and right wing Israelis). Nah, Iran can’t want nukes because the psycho genocidal cult in charge of Israel (and possessing nukes) keeps threatening to nuke them on a weekly basis. Nah, it’s unreasonable to think that Iran’s internal politics may have been edged towards extremism by our own unlawful invasion of TWO bordering nations. No, such talk is just crazy, and therefore diplomacy is simply not an option. On the other hand, strategic air strikes will have no peripheral damage on either extremism in Iran, or our own descent into a permanent warmongering state. We’ll just bomb them —instead of the Israelis bombing them, which may cause the deaths of more Israelis than Americans, hence we should do it, eh?—and then everything will be ok. Just a “strategic air strike”. Maybe destroying the entire holy city of Qom and it’s 1 million residents? But fuck them, they’re towelheads, right?…Great. Dipshit warmongering whore. I want to know how much money this guy has received, and from whom. Or maybe he’s just a religious zealot, hell bent on genocide towards them Muslims….

I hope there are students with enough guts to protest in this asshole’s classes. I hope they blockade his office. I hope they shit on his doorstep and mail him used condoms and tampons.  I hope he gets taunted and openly regaled when he goes out to eat in Austin. Little Alan, you asshole, you’re a warmongering shit who wants other people to die for your genocidal wet dreams, you deserve to live uncomfortably. Unfortunately, I’m sure he’ll just get a named chair…


One Response to “Alan J. Kuperman, Sleazebag Pseudoscholar of the Year”

  1. Navin Says:

    Hipster Kuperman is at is again with a distilled version of his 2009 warmongering. See his April 1, 2012 piece “A Nuclear Iran is Too Much to Risk (if You Are a Chickenhawk Pseudoscuolar Beyotch)” in the LA Times.

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