Tiger is Twelve Inches!

12 inches long, slimy, and loves dark dirty holes!

I’d be getting a huge amount of web traffic now days if I had themed my blog around my beloved pet, Tiger. 12inchtiger. Slimytigerfootlong.  Tigerlovesdarkdirtyholes.  Alas, I lack the photographic talent or drive to have properly done so. You start looking at those Herp blogs and those people are fucking serious photographers.

Tiger was a fine specimen of Ambystoma Tigrinim, the largest terrestrial salamanders in the world. Tiger was nearly a foot long when I found him. I was out on a long, cold bike ride and there was Tiger barely moving and stuck in a clod of dirt in the middle of a road in rural Jackson County on a dry day in early December with the temp sitting below freezing. Something was wrong with that. Obviously, he’d been dug up and had jumped out of the back of a flatbed truck or even out of the top of a dumper. I put him in my jacket pocket and rode my regular route to a vineyard, and then back home. I couldn’t believe it! Ever since I was a little kid I’d always wanted a Tiger! He was a little messed up, but he recovered just fine.

Tiger lived for four and a half years after that, and topped out over 13 inches when he finally croaked this summer. I’m still bummed. I don’t think I’d take another out of the wild under different circumstances (Tiger was a goner if I didn’t grab him), and Tigers are great pets. All they need are dark dirty holes. Any dark dirty hole will do. You can’t expect Tiger’s to stay out of dark dirty holes, or to even be able to live without them. You never see Tiger unless you pull him out of the dark dirty hole, which you should only do to clean the cage, or maybe put him in the water dish once in a while. They must spend all day, and most of the night, in dark dirty holes. Or else they die.


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