The Myth of the Tolerant Young Evangelical

I loved Evangelicalism: the cuming generation

I just can’t take it anymore. Everywhere you look there is some pithy story about how wonderful and tolerant the new generation of evangelicals is. They care about the poor, and the sick, and refugees, and they help the homeless, and they even are reaching out to…the gays! Yes, we should just pick them up and hug them, invite them into the progressive coalition; or, what the fuck, let’s just let these asshats run the country!

Of course, people said that about the LAST generation of “evangelicals” over twenty years ago!  You know, Ted Haggard, Richard Land, Dick Warren, guys like that. And, look how they turned out. Teabaggers, birthers, Palin supporters, staunch fans of Bush and Cheney, strong advocates of global war against the Muslims,  cheerleaders for  torture for brown people, global warming deniers;  and, they helped convert large chunks of Africa to their variant of far right wing Christianity, and now their African brethren are killing witches, homosexuals, Muslims, tribalists, the occasional albino…..I have a hard time not cold cocking the little pansies when they talk about their African “missions”.

Unfortunately, despite constant war for the last decade the GSS did not ask a question about support for the war against Islam. But, I can examine something about the claim that the new generation of sectarian Protestants are somehow tolerant on civil rights for gays and lesbians. Much of this is in a paper which is suffering from conservative Christian rejection syndrome, and one of the claims these asshole young evangelical reviewers commonly make when they review articles is that “everyone knows that younger evangelicals are just like everyone else.” Bullshit.

In the 2006-2008 GSS, among normal people born after 1965, 54.5% support extending marital rights to gays and lesbians, while 19.4% strongly disagree with marital rights. Among devotees of sectarian Christian denominations, the “young evangelicals” only 29.8% support marital rights, while 43.7% “Strongly disagree.”  To put that in perspective, there is more support for same sex marriage among non-sectarians from the cohorts of people born before 1925, 34.2% of whom support marriage rights for same sex couples, and only 38% express strong disapproval. So, young evangelicals are significantly less tolerant than are non-evangelicals from the World War II generation.


2 Responses to “The Myth of the Tolerant Young Evangelical”

  1. Ricky Says:

    Well, considering Muslims are the dirtiest and most dangerous thing to happen to the world – which they are trying to invade – I don’t hold anything against people who hate them or want to wipe them out.
    Sarah Palin rules.
    Global warming is a myth for $.
    Immigration must be stopped.
    Allahu Akbar on the muslims.

    • sherkat Says:

      Yeah, What Ricky said, Allahu Akbar…which means a lot coming from an atheist….and something quite different from what poor ricky picked up on right wing radio….

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