Second Miracle of Zappadan, Hookers save the Planet!

Is that a real maid's dress, or is that a Sears maid's dress....

Unfortunately, Jim Inhofe and other Christianist and Islamist global warming deniers will be all over this….They need to check ID’s and make sure the delegates are “good” people.

From the Telegraph:

“And this being Scandinavia, even the prostitutes are doing their bit for the planet. Outraged by a council postcard urging delegates to “be sustainable, don’t buy sex,” the local sex workers’ union – they have unions here – has announced that all its 1,400 members will give free intercourse to anyone with a climate conference delegate’s pass. The term “carbon dating” just took on an entirely new meaning.”
Of course, for a $20 Frank would go to workin’:


2 Responses to “Second Miracle of Zappadan, Hookers save the Planet!”

  1. Blue Gal Says:

    The miracles keep on, um, comin’. Awesome!

  2. sherkat Says:

    I’m hoping that the next one is that some Republican Christianist rapist gets locked up without bail in the Mississippi County MO clink…..

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