Zappadan, 2009

Frank wouldn't fuck me, but Barak would

Ah yes, in time with the SURGE to permanent global war, proving once again that we are Dumb All Over, it is time to celebrate the season of Zappadan! The onset of Zappadan coincides with my mother’s birthday, not coincidentally. So, I was busy talking with her about the first miracle of Zappadan, which was the death of a televangelist. While the miracle occurred before the official onset of Zappadan, since the televangelist was my mother’s minister and she was born on Bummernacht before it was a bummer (indeed, before Frank was even born), then clearly it is a miracle of Zappadan. Notably, said televangelist also once told a grieving widow that her husband wasn’t healed of cancer by Jesus because he didn’t have enough faith. I can only hope that there will be many more miracles. After all, Frank got kicked by prostate cancer at the tender age of 50 something, so we can only hope that some right wing child molesting, porta-potty dick sucking, sexually harassing their secretary motherfucking christianist dipshits might be smote down by the gods, or at least be extirpated from the public scene by revelation of their predilections.


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