War on Islam 12.6


I Can't get enough of your love....

Barack Hussein Obama just loves him some surge. After all, you can’t just declare victory and go home. No, we’ve gotta make sure that every American in the National Guard does at least six tours of duty in Iraq and/or Afghanistan. I mean, hell, they signed up didn’t they. And, it’s not like they’re rich kids or anyone  the beltway elite cares about. Nobody gives a fucking shit about some bunch of lower middle class people who wanted to minimize their student loans and better themselves. They deserve to die. And, we’re going to give them every opportunity to do so. Indeed, we’ll make sure that they’ll want to just kill themselves! Because, this is the cause of Jesus Fucking Christ. To battle the demonic Muslim Hordes. Of course, some substantial percentage of absolutely vital military personnel are Muslim, but fuck them. Indeed, they should be rooted out, and shot, or anally raped and shit like that. We’re a Christian nation, and our military should be a Christian Crusade against the forces of whatever the fuck the Christians say we’re against this week. Just ask Pat Robertson.

Twenty percent of Americans are unemployed or underemployed, and we’re spending five billion dollars a day on the Christian Crusades. I sure wish Obama  really was  building concentration camps for those motherfuckers, because they needs them some concentration.

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