Protest Potential Panned

Barney's not there....

Barney's not there....

Ah, the gay rights march. Or, more appropriately the LGBTQ march, on Washington. Because, well, that’s what the Christians and 9-12ers do and shit like that. What, exactly, is desired which is accomplished by this particular type of collective action? Given that participants no doubt spent at least $500 each to do this event, what else could have been done with that money? Is influence in Washington DC a function of the number of people on the quad in a march, or the number of dollars put into the reelection coffers of legislators? Barney Frank Knows.

I just love Barney Frank. He’s the best politician in Washington, and everyone knows it. If he were straight, he already would have served two terms as President. But, just because he’s gay doesn’t mean he thinks other people like him should waste time,  effort, and money on silly dramaturgical events. Great. Drama. And Queens. That’s gonna be a great help. Mass events have never helped groups seeking rights for gays and lesbians, because they are effectively used by countermovements. Bernstein’s comparisons of NYC and Portland are instructive.  Gays and lesbians constitute a greater proportion of the population than Jews–more than twice the proportion. They need to act like it.

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