Olympic Goatfucking

I got games

I got games

Yes, Illinois and the non-rightwing nutjob sectors of the US are reeling from the smack down by the IOC regarding the 2016 games. No Chicago. Rio. Chicago didn’t even make it out of the first round, despite being seen as an easy bet—at least among ignorant, arrogant Americans. The USSR had already long held the selection to the 1980 games when they decided to invade Afghanistan. The result was a boycott by many nations who thought that the Soviet’s unilateral interference in the politics of a supposedly sovereign nation overstepped the bounds of civility thought becoming of participants, and especially hosts, of the Olympic Games.  Unfortunately for Chicago, our current breach of civility is hanging out there like withering leaves on a storm-damaged tree….We’re a rogue nation. We violate civil rights. We torture people. We conduct wars against the conventions of international agreements. We prop up petty dictators, and assist other rogue nations who routinely flout normal moral standards of conduct. The IOC already regretted choosing Beijing. It was a horrific failure, and gave legitimacy to a bad state on top of the lack of appeal to consumers. Chicago wouldn’t have been as bad. But why would the international community want to honor the US with the Olympics? Brazil has done nothing wrong, and when they do, the investigate and prosecute. I was kind of pulling for Madrid, but that was unlikely given the recency of Barcelona…..

It is  disturbing is to see the American Right gloating about this as if it is a failure for Obama, and this schema seems to dominate most discussion in the US (but nowhere else!!! Everyone else KNOWS why we didn’t get the Games). Obama’s home city doesn’t get the Olympics. This is perfect for fat ugly fucks like Bill Bennett and Rush Limbaugh. But, the reason why Obama’s hometown isn’t going to get the Olympics is because of the policies of the Bush Regime. The world does not forget our atrocities, even if we choose to ignore both.

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