The Injustice of Good Fortune, or how you’d be better off shooting your dick

Thankfully, I missed

Thankfully, I missed

In the latest saga of African American Hick NFL stars being stomped down by the MAN, Plaxico Burress was just sentenced to actual prison time for not shooting his own dick off in a bar. You gotta know, if he had shot his dick off, we wouldn’t be talking about sentencing, this would all just go away, quietly. Like when white drunk people  shoot themselves in bars. That happens all the time, especially in Texas. Never makes the news. Rarely results in a conviction entailing anything other than a small fine. After all, the drunk fuck shot themselves! Yes, they committed a crime. They took a gun into a bar. But, thankfully, They Shot Themselves. Punishment over. OK?! Jesus fuck.

But, since Burress is a big black guy, shooting himself in the leg (which cost him millions of dollars), is not enough punishment. No, we need to waste a million or so  in taxpayer money investigating, prosecuting, and incarcerating a guy who nearly shot his dick off. I’m thinking, he probably won’t do that again…But, this is really about spending a million bucks to publicly humiliate the black guy who has a shot at making some money. You know, like that Michael Vick guy.  I’m a redneck. I know people who fight dogs. Some of my old friends were into high end dog fighting.  I have never heard of a white person being incarcerated for dog fighting. I’m sure it has happened, but to imprison a first time offender?!!! I can’t believe that.

And, Burress plead guilty!!! Don’t these guys know how to hire an attorney?! Johnny Cochran must be rolling in his grave…


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