Maybe Jesus will Heal everyone


Healthcare is for Nazis

Healthcare is for Nazis

Gee, I see all of those supposedly moderate “evangelicals” are all hot an bothered to make sure that every American is given basic health coverage. Oh, wait, no. They’re not. They don’t give a shit. Not even about an innocuous extremely conservative proposal to simply amp some competition into the insurance oligopoly. The supposedly moderate evangelical crowd is too busy pushing for early marriage and and to end access to birth control and sex education. They want women to get knocked up no later than their early 20s, get married to the sperm donor, and quit school and abandon their careers. No, on access the health care, the supposedly “middle ground” religious conservatives are letting the crickets do the talking. But, you can’t hear the crickets through the rabble of the more genuine Christians. The birthers and teabaggers! They don’t want the guvment messing with their Medicare. And, they heard about the mandatory abortions, and the federally funded penis enhancement, soylent green, and the horrors of godless communist Muslim negro homosexual health care. Awesome.

Of course, Obama keeps courting these religious folk, in hope that some good somehow comes of it. I can’t quite see the rationale for appointing people to senior slots in the executive branch when they did not support your candidacy, but Obama, he’s got WAY more HOPE than I do. The NIH director is a great case in point. Oh, so he actually believes in science? Really? I’m sure that’s true when you’re talking about hard core medical research. I suspect that it is not true when you ask him about social scientific issues and priorities. We’re sitting on the better part of a decade of giving priority to funding research on religion and health, pushing to somehow make it possible to prescribe Jesus for all ailments. In the meantime, basic research on racial disparities, health care access, diet, exercise, environmental hazards, and even negative effects onf religious factors on health, have gone wanting. Recent RFA’s from NIH suggest that nothing has changed. No RFA on racial disparities, but a highly publicized one on “spirituality and health”. I don’t even know what “spirituality” means, so I know that the person who wrote the RFA doesn’t.

The bottom line is that the Obama plan is the most conservative possible plan to reform health care. It leaves insurance companies–the source of most of our health care delivery problems in the US—in the game. It will make them work harder, if it passes. It’s not adequate or efficient. A single payer system would work well in the US, as it has in Canada. That keeps doctors and hospitals private, but puts the check in the mail from the state. Just like Medicare and Medicaid. The administrative process could be simplified dramatically, eliminating the need for a Medicare/Medicaid/New plan distinction.

Or we could continue with this faith-based healthcare….

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