Finally, a non-Christian Terrorist in America!

Still a religious nutjob

Still a religious nutjob

Wow, after years of scouring the country looking for non-Christian domestic terrorists, the Feds found this wackjob nutcase in North Carolina. Boyd is a convert to Islam, who was a mercenary working for the CIA in Afghanistan. Of course, his terror operation looks strikingly like a low budget attempt to start up a new Blackwater-KBR-Halliburton. They were training for jihad in other countries, you know, just like what Boyd did in Afghanistan. YeeeeeHaaawd!!!

As soon as I finish my book, I’m following through on my threat to write a paper called “Bringing Psychopathology Back In.”  Rates of serious mental illness accompanied by delusions are estimated at over 4% lifetime incidence, not including dementias. It is unfathomable that this, combined with a variety of other conditions and deprivations which weaken cognitive ability, has no effect on social commitments like religious beliefs and behavior, and political beliefs and behaviors. Just ask the poor woman who heads the Health Department in Honolulu. She hears from 50+ psychotic morons every day asking about Obama’s birth certificate.  Why would someone want to become a mercenary and kill people? NUTS. Convert from psychoconservative Christianity to psychoconservative Islam. NUTS. Some nuts are harmless. Other nuts aren’t.


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