Skip’n to Jail

Deconstruct This!

Deconstruct This!

Skip Gates. I only saw him once when I was at Duke, which  is probably more than most people. He was jumping out of Stanley Fish’s Jaguar convertible somewhere up at the top of the loop. I don’t think he ever taught a class at Duke, but Skip had a profound effect on administrative policy. He was the ” last straw” for superstar scholar hires who immediately leave and never contribute shit. After Gates, there was more attention to spreading resources more evenly and building departments across a variety to disciplines to strengthen the University–instead of trying to build a star-power english deparment while starving sociology, for example.
Interesting incident. Even moreso looking at this picture. Was the ‘racist” cop the black guy? He looks to be in charge!! He’s the guy walking off , having his white guys haul off the Harvard Prof who talked shit to him. It’ll be interesting to see how this unfolds. Of course, the treatment of Gates is totally unacceptable. A person has a right to break into their own house, and the response should have been “thank you sir” when he showed them his ID. But, it looks like the person he insulted may have been a black guy…maybe one who’s sick of being looked down upon by those fucking Harvard assholes….

One Response to “Skip’n to Jail”

  1. christopherwalker Says:

    I agree that the police handled this one inappropriately though I would posit that Gates played the race card on speculation that he had been profiled. I think he yelled something like “Why?! Because I’m a black man in America?!” when asked to step outside or show his I.D. or something like that. In short, it seems that he immediately staked claim of the scenario’s inherent capital victimaire. It is ironic because the sgt. involved was hand picked by a black superior to teach a class to his peers on racial profiling. This in itself would seem to suggest that Gates had to be equally out-of-line to warrant the escalation that occurred. I guess, though, you’re allow to throw your weight around and have a chip on your shoulder when you’re considered a “Harvard heavyweight” or are friends with the president.

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