The Army of God, or Hezboallah, as it might be called

Finally, after nearly half of century of allowing religious nutcases to use the United States Armed Forces as their own personal recruiting tool, we’re beginning to see some rollback on the use of Federal dollars to promote radical right wing Christianity. In a display of enormous cajones, the Obama administration has finally put an end to spending millions of dollars of taxpayer money to help promote radical right wing separatist Christian groups in their “God and Country” festivals on Independence Day. Damn fucking right. Independence from the state promotion of noxious religion!

     Conservative Christians should really be ashamed about their beliefs, and they certainly shouldn’t expect to have free reign over the tax dollars collected from a nation where 1/5th of the population doesn’t believe in any kind of gods (much less their sadomasochistic deities), and where they comprise under 1/3rd of the population. Yes, there are more conservative Christian wackos than there are non-Christians, but the gap isn’t that large. It’s 30% versus 20%, and that’s only talking about the 20% who aren’t Christian. Many Christians are also disgusted with these neo-Nazi, pseudo-patriotic, festivals of warmongering. Pandering to the radical Christian right has made it certain that the U.S. Armed Forces continue to be a hotbed for breeding domestic terrorists, and it is no accident that NEARLY ALL Christian Nationalist terrorist acts have been accomplished by people trained to kill by the US Military.  The little Christian nationalists are already squealing like fucked pigs. How could some commie, negro, homosexual, muslim take away their jesus-given rights to have federal funding for their missionary efforts and crusades against the evil doers? Ah, poor little babies. Next up, I hope they’ll can all this faith-based “aid to Africa” crap, where they use BILLIONS of dollars of our tax money to proselytize the indigenous and turn them into genocidal maniacs and “witch hunters.”


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