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Finally, a non-Christian Terrorist in America!

Still a religious nutjob

Still a religious nutjob

Wow, after years of scouring the country looking for non-Christian domestic terrorists, the Feds found this wackjob nutcase in North Carolina. Boyd is a convert to Islam, who was a mercenary working for the CIA in Afghanistan. Of course, his terror operation looks strikingly like a low budget attempt to start up a new Blackwater-KBR-Halliburton. They were training for jihad in other countries, you know, just like what Boyd did in Afghanistan. YeeeeeHaaawd!!!

As soon as I finish my book, I’m following through on my threat to write a paper called “Bringing Psychopathology Back In.”  Rates of serious mental illness accompanied by delusions are estimated at over 4% lifetime incidence, not including dementias. It is unfathomable that this, combined with a variety of other conditions and deprivations which weaken cognitive ability, has no effect on social commitments like religious beliefs and behavior, and political beliefs and behaviors. Just ask the poor woman who heads the Health Department in Honolulu. She hears from 50+ psychotic morons every day asking about Obama’s birth certificate.  Why would someone want to become a mercenary and kill people? NUTS. Convert from psychoconservative Christianity to psychoconservative Islam. NUTS. Some nuts are harmless. Other nuts aren’t.

Skip’n to Jail

Deconstruct This!

Deconstruct This!

Skip Gates. I only saw him once when I was at Duke, which  is probably more than most people. He was jumping out of Stanley Fish’s Jaguar convertible somewhere up at the top of the loop. I don’t think he ever taught a class at Duke, but Skip had a profound effect on administrative policy. He was the ” last straw” for superstar scholar hires who immediately leave and never contribute shit. After Gates, there was more attention to spreading resources more evenly and building departments across a variety to disciplines to strengthen the University–instead of trying to build a star-power english deparment while starving sociology, for example.
Interesting incident. Even moreso looking at this picture. Was the ‘racist” cop the black guy? He looks to be in charge!! He’s the guy walking off , having his white guys haul off the Harvard Prof who talked shit to him. It’ll be interesting to see how this unfolds. Of course, the treatment of Gates is totally unacceptable. A person has a right to break into their own house, and the response should have been “thank you sir” when he showed them his ID. But, it looks like the person he insulted may have been a black guy…maybe one who’s sick of being looked down upon by those fucking Harvard assholes….

Atheist Conservatives? Analyses from failed PhD students….



Which mouse is the Atheist?

Which mouse is the Atheist?

Imagine my dismay at reading some dipshit journalist’s ramblings about how atheists are conservative on foreign policy because they hate religion. Yes, those meanie haters. The atheists. The new ones, you know. Christopher Hitchens, and, you know. Someone else, probably. Maybe Dick Cheney. What a fucking load of horseshit. First, before you make a stupid flowery argument about a class of people based on one person (the fat, ugly, fascist Hitchens), you might want to make some investigation as to whether your claims have any foundation in the real world. Other than Hitchens, none of the prominent atheists are warmongers. Are atheists wanting to round up Moslems (and, of course, Christians, Jews, and Hindus!!), and kill them? Are Atheists the cheerleaders supporting bombing Iran? Are the ungodly in favor of aggressive warfare in the middle East? Do atheists support for harsh dictatorships throughout the world? Fuck Fucking NO!!!

Atheists are the most liberal and tolerant belief group one can find on any measure of domestic or foreign policy support. Yes, there are a few fascist atheists like Hitchens and Cheney. We apologize. Relationships are stochastic. That’s ok. People who can’t get that never make it out of graduate school….

What is disturbing about this piece by Wright (a journalist with no advanced degree despite several stints in graduate school) is that it reeks of that sanctimonious pro-religious crap that is popular in the “spirituality” crowds and from people funded by Templeton. Atheists are warmongers. And, while he apparently didn’t pass his prelims in either philosophy or psychology, Wright is telling us that it is an expectation of evolutionary theory that atheists will behave badly in groups, because they’ll be mean to the naturally religious folk. Yeah. And those religious folk, how do they treat people? In contrast to Wright’s caricaturization, atheists are MORE likely than people with religious beliefs to acknowledge the structural antecedents for conflict and deprivation. And, because of that, they are also MORE likely to support the rights of minorities to practice their religions with respect and dignity. Religious people try to impose their religion on other subgroups, and they target non-believers for discrimination, persecution, and genocide and stuff….

The Army of God, or Hezboallah, as it might be called


Finally, after nearly half of century of allowing religious nutcases to use the United States Armed Forces as their own personal recruiting tool, we’re beginning to see some rollback on the use of Federal dollars to promote radical right wing Christianity. In a display of enormous cajones, the Obama administration has finally put an end to spending millions of dollars of taxpayer money to help promote radical right wing separatist Christian groups in their “God and Country” festivals on Independence Day. Damn fucking right. Independence from the state promotion of noxious religion!

     Conservative Christians should really be ashamed about their beliefs, and they certainly shouldn’t expect to have free reign over the tax dollars collected from a nation where 1/5th of the population doesn’t believe in any kind of gods (much less their sadomasochistic deities), and where they comprise under 1/3rd of the population. Yes, there are more conservative Christian wackos than there are non-Christians, but the gap isn’t that large. It’s 30% versus 20%, and that’s only talking about the 20% who aren’t Christian. Many Christians are also disgusted with these neo-Nazi, pseudo-patriotic, festivals of warmongering. Pandering to the radical Christian right has made it certain that the U.S. Armed Forces continue to be a hotbed for breeding domestic terrorists, and it is no accident that NEARLY ALL Christian Nationalist terrorist acts have been accomplished by people trained to kill by the US Military.  The little Christian nationalists are already squealing like fucked pigs. How could some commie, negro, homosexual, muslim take away their jesus-given rights to have federal funding for their missionary efforts and crusades against the evil doers? Ah, poor little babies. Next up, I hope they’ll can all this faith-based “aid to Africa” crap, where they use BILLIONS of dollars of our tax money to proselytize the indigenous and turn them into genocidal maniacs and “witch hunters.”