Iranian Redneck Revolution

Taliban Council declares Ahmadinejad the Winner!

Taliban Council declares Ahmadinejad the Winner!

Gee, seems like that goatfucking prick Ahmedinejad got his Gore vs. Bush decision from the Taliban Council. The election totals by region and city look cooked. However, my take is that the ugly moron would have won even if he didn’t rig it. We’re now sitting on 57 years of selective migration out of Iran. First, the fucking CIA installed a fascist tool to prevent oil nationalization and make certain that glaring social inequalities would fester and prevent Iran from becoming a developed nation. Everyone with a brain either left the country, got murdered, or became a toadie of the fake king (it’s really horrifying to see the “Shah’s” fat, pathetic son whining in the right-wing US media). Then, of course, the toadies got their comuppance, and they all moved to Los Angeles. Notably, unlike the CIA stooge, the Islamic radicals didn’t kill their vanquished foes, but instead killed religious liberals, Socialists, and Kurds.

    This, of course, left Iran with a bare minimum of  functioning brainpower. The majority of people left in the country are a bunch of religious nutjobs, you know, just like in Texas. Same shit. A class of people who get rich from shit that comes out of the ground. Nothing but stupid farmers and oil tycoons. You don’t need no education or nuthin’ to have BP pump oil from beneath your pomegranate orchard. Praise Jesus, or Allah Akbar, or whatever.  Depends on whether you’re in Dallas or Tabriz. Any kid with a brain wants to get out as soon as they have enough cash for the plane ticket to LA (this is true for both Texans and Iranians).  You feel sorry for the people on the North side of Tehran (closer to the ski slopes), and in Austin. But, that’s what you get when all the brainpower leaves a region populated by farmers and miners. And, like old Clark Kerr and Abbie Siegel pointed out, those bastards are all prone to violent collective action. Now, the shit’s just for fun. The affronted minority is gonna try to put some whoop ass on the victorious majority.  Yep.  Iranians and Rednecks.

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  1. Allison M. Balch Says:

    Sounds right up your alley of interest.

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