Hitting 50….


19 years after the publication of my first paper in Social Science Research, I have had my 50th paper accepted for publication, fittingly in Social Science Research.  50 peer-reviewed publications. 22 of them in general interest sociology journals. 14 sole authored articles. 1o articles  in Social Forces. 10 in Jrn. Scientific Study of Religion. 6 in Social Science Research. 11 publications in medical sociology (a secret sideline for a while, until all the grant money dried up), including papers in Journal of Aging and Health, Women and Health, and Research on Aging. My papers have been cited 1248 times, in 719 different publications.

And, over the last couple of decades I also somehow was connived into contributing 9 chapters to edited volumes, and into reviewing 20 books for various journals. Several of the chapters present some of my best work, not that anyone will read any of it. And, my book reviews have even attracted attention, or at least consternation.

I think I’ll celebrate by not going to the ASA meetings. And, working on more publications!  I’ve written some of the best shit in my career in the last couple of years. And, the good does push out the bad, eventually.  If strong sociologists continue to publish good papers on the sociology of religion, then the wackjob nonsense put out by religious activists will eventually fade into the background.

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