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Sully goes to Betty Ford

John, you look like shit, man.

John, you look like shit, man.

My old high school buddy, John Sullivan, is taking a sabbatical from his seat in the United States House of Representatives to rehabilitate himself from substance abuse at the Betty Ford Clinic. Too bad they don’t do soul transplants, because somewhere along the way John lost his.

     John and his family moved into our neighborhood, a modest development in what they now call “midtown” in Tulsa, probably when we were in 4th grade or so. He always attended Catholic schools, so I didn’t really get to know him until I was kicked out of Tulsa Public and had to attend Bishop Kelley in 10th grade. John was an extremely popular kid in high school, despite lacking  athletic or academic talent. But, the fact is, he was a nice guy. He seemed to truly care about people. Unlike most popular high school kids, he treated unpopular kids with kindness, maybe even empathy. John invited me to parties and to hang out at football games, and nobody else who was popular did that.

I only saw John a few times after I left Kelley. I wasn’t surprised that he went into politics, and was successful. But, I was exceptionally disappointed that he became a simpleton tool of the far right-wing of the Republican Party. John wasn’t a radical right Catholic, and Bishop Kelley had a social justice orientation among the Christian Brothers and lay people who taught there. Particularly Mr. Rossi, the football coach and history teacher, who taught a rigorous and inspiring American History sequence which focused on the struggles of workers, immigrants, and minorities, and Rossi was highly critical of the warmongering fostered by American policies based on notions of manifest destiny.

I wrote to John three times since he was elected to Congress. The third time I even sent the letter from Tulsa, hoping that maybe the postmark from his district might inspire someone to give it to him. But, he didn’t want to deal with anything which questioned the far right wing policies of the Republican Party. Many analysts are now calling Tulsa a “blue trending” district, and a Bush toadie like Sully is going to have a hard time come reelection.

I hope John sobers up, thinks about his life, his family, his country, and the world community. He could change. He could become a politician who could unite reasonable economic conservatives and social liberals, like former House Speaker James R. Jones. Hell, he could even become a Democrat. I wonder if they can do that at Betty Ford?

Jesus ‘God of Torture’ vs. Jesse ‘the Body’ Ventura



you're goin' down!

you're goin' down!

Conservative Christians have no morals. They only follow rules, and their rules prescribe one set of treatments for devotees, and another for normal people. Conservative Christians lack a moral compass, because all behaviors are linked to sets of rewards and punishments meted out by their sadomaschochistic gods. This is brought into striking relief by a Pew study investigating who supports torture. Not surprisingly, 64% of sectarian Protestants support torture, compared to 40% of the unaffiliated. Jesus, the Christian god of torture, whipped up on some poor people trying to make a living at the God factory (beat them with a whip!), and of course, he got a little torture himself. So, evil doers must be punished, and torture is good medicine! 

It is an embarrassment that any American voices support for torture (notably, Pew did the right thing and called it torture in their question wording). Moral, sane, rational individuals understand that torture is wrong, for both moral and practical reasons. Unlike the closeted, draft dodging, warmongering, torture loving Christians, Jesse “the Body” Ventura hates torture. You see, Jesse didn’t dodge the draft. He experienced torture as a Navy Seal in the SERE program that was the basis for the Christian “torture some Moslems” pogrom. Jesse, being a moral individual, believes that the full weight of the law (which, ah, forbids torture of prisoners) should be levied against those who tortured and who ordered torture. I sure wish we could get that Jesus asshole to come back and jump in the ring with Jesse! Or, better yet some of those Christian torture apologists.

Goat fucking Child Molesters

The Supreme

The Supreme

Well, Geez. Talk about outing. A conservative columnist, who is obviously in the know, is exhalting the soon-to-be-outgoing Supreme Court Justice David Souter as a “goat fucking child molester”. The Republican activist claims that Souter is the only goat fucking Republican child molester on the Supreme Court. These liberal blogger types just don’t get it. Erickson is in the know, he’s one of them. If he says Souter is a goat fucking child molester, then Souter is a goat fucking child molester. My only problem is that the totality of the claim is clearly untrue. You can’t tell me that Scalia isn’t a goat fucking child molester. Souter isn’t the only one.

“Eric Erickson (@ewerickson), Editor-in-Chief of RedState didn’t just toss off that gem. He wrote it, then deleted it, then re-wrote and re-sent it adding the proper hashtags (“LMRM” = Let Me Repeat Myself, “TCOT” = Top Conservatives on Twitter, “RS” = RedState). Made sure he got it just right. See for yourself.

This is the leader of the right’s most prominent online community, not some carefree flame-throwing commenter or diarist. RedState is not an official GOP site, but it’s a center of the conservative movement with a stated desire to take over leadership of the party. I’m not interested in flame wars. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. As a matter of strategy, however, I just can’t understand why someone in a leadership position would act so publicly self-destructive. This stuff turns states blue. Put simply, a serious leader looking to amass political power does not publicly call a sitting Supreme Court Justice a “goat f**king child molester.” A seemingly obvious point.

I’m surprised he took the time to think it over at all, but then he actually posted it.

Erik Erickson: The nation loses the only goat f*&king child molester to ever serve on the Supreme Court in David Souter’s retirement.