SSS in New Orleans, coming back….


 I missed Audubon!

I hate academic meetings. I’m beyond the point of even much needing them for an excuse to do another paper. Generally, my time is better spent making sure that papers I’ve already written get published. But, the Southern Sociological Society is really different. I see people who I really want to see. Mike Hughes, Jeff Will, Dave Gay, John Lynxweiler, Chris Ellison, Patty Lou McCall, the whole Duke and Vanderbilt bunch (Ken Spring, Koji Ueno, Karen Campbell, Ellen Granberg), and the old Tulane crowd of Jim Wright, Charlie Brody, and Beth Rubin.  And, Tom Shriver made the SSS this year after a long hiatus. Got to see Jay Corzine, and meet a lot of cool people I hadn’t met before.

     The best part of the meetings wound up being chats at the Publications Committee.  Ida Simpson busted in looking for registration, and Stephanie Bohon tried her best to get Ida hooked up. I really like how Stephanie is running the SSS as exec. director, and it was great to have Ida sit in for my last meeting with the Publications committee and tell us about her new theories about childhood. Ida remains the consumate sociologist, and she was truly excited about her new work.

New Orleans is coming back to some semblence of order. Cajun sociologist Steve Picou took us to a great restaurant after the student party, and most of the quarter seems to be thriving. I did a bike ride around the South part of town and out around Lake Ponchatrain and there was still some evidence of damage, but not much (those were expensive neighborhoods, but must have been devastated). 

I’m definitely skipping most meetings next year, but if I go anywhere, it’ll be to SSS.


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