The only good things to come out of Afghanistan are…

After a few tokes, he looks hot

After a few tokes, he looks hot

Gee, all we can get to fight against the Taliban is a bunch of stoners. It makes perfect sense. Here we are invading a country populated by stoners and religious nutjobs. Who are you going to trust? THE STONERS, DUH!!!!! I really feel for these guys. Truth be told, most “Islamic” nations are populated by a very substantial minority of really cool, very normal people. The stoners don’t want to hurt anyone. They just want to go back to having fun, playing soccer, pulling on the hooka, drinking beer, and stuff. The religious nutjobs want to kill anyone who disagrees with their religious agenda, and stoners fit that bill. Still, while I feel for you people, I think the answer is moving the stoners to the US and Europe (if they’re lucky), and letting the fucking taliban have the fucking sheep. It’s what they really want. 

From Juan Cole:
A Guardian Television report suggests that 75% of the 80,000 Afghan army troops are regular marijuana users. Many are alleged to be village juvenile delinquents who were kicked out. Discipline and tactical know-how is limited. They are facing old-time guerrillas like the Hizb-i Islami of Gulbadin Hikmatyar.

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