Hate Crimes are So Uninteresting….



In the last few weeks there have been several hate-related murders perpetrated by far right wing Republican activists, mostly against latinos. You’d hardly know it from the news coverage. The latest was this week when a former Bush-Cheney campaign worker in Florida busted up a town hall meeting where Chilean exchange students were learning about democracy and local governance in America. Why the fuck would anyone come to the United States to try to learn about democracy? But, I digress. What they learned is that the United States is full of murderous fascists, and most people in the U.S. don’t give a shit as long as the dead bodies are some shade of brown. Instead, we’ve had a solid week and a half of FRONT PAGE Washington Post teasers pointing to a big break in the murder of a white woman. And, of course, when they finally reveal what they obviously have known for more than a week and a half, the supposed culprit is some poor hispanic guy. Yeah. Sure. Great. Thanks Dick Tracy. I guess now that you solved the white girl murder and pinned it on some brown guy, you can go back to beating young brown girls in the jail….


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