The Exorcist


Jesus Fuck, this is the best they can do? Some pathetic wackjob who really thinks he smelled demons on some poor kid? This is the kind of person the Republican Party wants to put forward as their future? Of course, he starts off his first major by lying about his role in Katrina, then he pokes fun at essential services like monitoring for volcanos and earthquakes (they are connected, dipshits). Jindal isn’t simply some typical Republican liar, like Dick Cheney or W. Jindal’s making shit up because he hears voices and sees visions. Jindal is a nutjob. Clinical. Sorry. End of discussion.

2 Responses to “The Exorcist”

  1. Allision Blach Says:

    Meh, he is not 100% white and a Republican. That’s awesome in their book.

  2. sherkat Says:

    The poor Repugnicans. They are so misunderstood. They don’t actually require that you be white, or even male, but you must be an ape shit crazy religious nutjob.

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