War Against Pakistan Continues


The inauguration of Barak Hussein Obama did nothing to stem the tide of “drone” missles into Pakistan. As usual, the CIA claimed that the missiles killed senior operatives in “al Queda” while  subsequent reports from independent humanitarian organizations confirm that they killed a bunch of children and their families. Juan Cole does a great job of summing it up:

Bombing Pakistan unilaterally is illegal in international law where Pakistan has not attacked the United States or where there is no United Nations Security Council resolution authorizing such an attack. Please see the Charter of the United Nations, to which the US is a signatory. If the US had a formal treaty with Pakistan, signed off by the legislatures of the two countries, that permitted hot pursuit of militants from Afghan territory, that would bestow a basic legality on it. But the only warrant for the US to shoot Hellfire missiles into Pakistan and kill Pakistani women and children along with militants, is the Bush Doctrine, which I want to be abolished and which I had understood Obama and his team to object to, as well. Contravening US treaty obligations and international law is a war crime.”

And, we’d save money. Each of those drones must cost at least$20 million, and they’re only serving to stir up more hostility. If we really want Osama Bin Laden to be elected President of Nuclear Pakistan, we should keep bombing innocent civilians. He lives there, you know.


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