The First Miracle of Zappadan


Frank would have loved this. Damn, too bad the Iraqi’s have always hated the Americans too much to take up baseball. Any Cuban journalist would have taken his head off from this distance. But, still, I count it as the first major miracle of Zappadan. Maybe the New York Times or the Washington Post will grow some nuts and give this guy a job, instead of hiring propagandist fascist punks like Kristol and Rove. Now, that would be a miracle.

Speaking of miracles of Zappadan, my buddy Jeff Williams is on a roll!!! Intellipunk with Humor certainly owes a tribute to Frank, and Jeff’s band NIL8 has some of the most powerful stuff going. Recently, Jeff predicted the incarceration of our little governor Blago. This adds to his prediction of the collapse of the economy, and his identification of Eliot Spitzer’s code number at ExpensiveProstitutesRUS. Positively visionary.

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