Religious Fanatics Killing People…

...but their book says "Revenge the Crusades..."

...but their book says

Man, these religious nutjobs just won’t give it a rest anywhere in the world. We got the Buddhists and Hindus going at it in Sri Lanka (expect a big hit there within the next week), Hindus and Christians hacking each other to death in India, Christians and Moslems going after each other and also slaughtering people with tribal beliefs in Nigeria. Hell, the Christian-Moslem violence in Nigeria killed more people in the last couple of days than the Muslim against all outpouring in Mumbai. Nobody cares, of course, because all the dead are really dark. You kill you a few Americans or Brits and it’ll make the news, eh? Great message to send, assholes.
     As an Iranian Redneck, I’ve found it a bit odd that a number of pundits and senior Indian officials (as well as those from other nations) have claimed that the attacks in Mumbai were “highly coordinated” and “executed by well trained soldiers” and shit like that. As Juan Cole notes, Hindu Fundies are using this mantra to drum up war against Pakistan (“somebody big must be behind it”). BULLFUCKINGSHIT!!!
    Details remain sketchy, but the siege lasted 60 hours, and reports allude to  “at least 10 men.” Current body count is 195. That’s pretty fucking lame. Getting beyond all the sentimentality that accompanies the deaths of innocent white people, 10 well trained commandos should be able to completely devastate a soft target like Mumbai. We’re talking unarmed people. 10 U.S. Marines or Israeli commandos would easily take out thousands under similar conditions, in the United States, English Literature Graduate Students have a much better kill rate. The Viginia Tech geek’s training consisted of masturbating in the library basement, and if they could have just matched his kills they’d have downed 320. Of course, a real redneck like Tim McVeigh would’ve taken out tens of thousands in a densely packed place like Mumbai. The Mumbai attack was done by a handful of stupid fucked-up religious kids with guns. They didn’t seem to have much else, or if they did they certainly didn’t know how to use them. No grenades? No small rockets? Jesus Fuck, you can get that shit at a gun show in the US. Pathetic fucking lot of terrorists these were. They had a vague plan, no “real” training, and they wandered around shooting people on their religious death march to avenge other religious atrocities.
     Real soldiers wouldn’t pull that kind of shit. We never saw that sort of carnage against the US or UK  in Iraq, primarily because the people who could really wreak havoc aren’t stupid enough to kill themselves. If it mattered, they would. But it doesn’t, so they won’t. It never would. Killing innocents is only a good strategy if you get to steal their stuff. It creates vendettas from other clans, tribes, religions, nations, and shit like that. Terrorism is the tactic of the stupid and untrained. Religious motherfuckers are into shit like that. Idealist nonsense justified by religious delusion trumps tactical wisdom every time.
    I guess it is a good thing this didn’t happen during the high holy days of Zappadan…We are dumb all over…

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  1. Cho vs ISIS….sounds like a video game…. | Iranianredneck's Weblog Says:

    […] Cho would win, of course. I know it seems/is insensitive and politically incorrect, but when we talk about the use of violence in social movements you have to talk about impact. If ISIS really is at WAR with other sovereign nation states, then you really need to grade its performance in battle. Daesh/isis chose to “battle” a soft target. There appear to have been at least a dozen or so “soldiers” involved. This kind of makes it comparable to the attack on Mumbai in 2008, which killed 257—way more than Daesh got, with at least as large of a force hitting a similar soft target. […]

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