Religious Freedom and Same Sex Marriage


The liberal landslide was somewhat punctuated by the passage of a CONSTITUTIONAL ban on same-sex marriage in Califuckinfornia!!! Not Oklahoma, Not Nebraska (er, they already have bans….along with 41 other states besides California), but California!! I’m hoping that my professional organization skips the meetings in Homophobic San Francisco to protest the passage of Prop 8.

And, of course, this has brought out the protesters across the nation! Even in New York City people are protesting the Mormons!! That’s great. Mormons constitute about 1.5% of Americans, though it may be closer to 2% in California (heavy totals on the border of Nevada and even up north in Survivalist country). Wow, I’m sure that 2% was just what tipped it….without them, it’d have been 50-50!! Why didn’t they protest outside of Brokeback Mountain Megachurch?!!! Others are protesting against the Catholics, who no doubt made up a large share of supporters of Prop 8 since California is heavily Catholic. BUT CATHOLICS ARE MORE SUPPORTIVE OF SAME SEX MARRIAGE THAN OTHER AMERICANS!!! Just because some pedophile priest or bishop goes on ranting about gay  marriage doesn’t mean Jane and Joe Catholic voted for banning it. Catholics love weddings, especially if there’s lots of booze.

Fuck protest. Not only is the target silly, the protesters have a nasty tendancy to strategically use identities in a counterproductive fashion (as Mary Bernstein noted long ago in a much more scholarly manner). Protesting same sex marriage in New York outside of a Mormon Temple while in drag, audacious drag. Great. It’d be much more productive if already married couples visited their lawyers and filed lawsuits in all 47 states that don’t recognize their marriages. Best yet, have married same-sex members of the Unitarian Universalists, the United Church of Christ, and the Reformed Jews file the lawsuits with their denominations as friends of the court. If some religious groups allow people to marry, then not letting people marry violates religious freedom…duh!

I like the straight guy picture. White t-shirt, old wrinkled shorts, bad haircut, crappy sign made by his 8 year old daughter. Guy’s straight. He just wants to be supportive of his friends, relatives, and coworkers who have been smacked down by a bunch of Jesus freaks who want to shove their religion onto everyone. What’s next? A religious test for all marriages? Taliban council approval for all sexual activity? It even makes a straight guy want to smack some Christian/Mormon ass. Contrast that image with the supposedly straight Mormon supporter of Prop 8 who just lost his job at the California Music Theater. This guy makes his living producing and promoting show tunes. I’m certain he owns the Barbara Streisand Boxed Set. Where do you get a shirt like that? I’ve never even seen such a thing! Check out that hair! Professionally cut and dyed, and parted to the side in that Ted Haggard kind of way….He works for a non-profit, but tightened his girdle and plunked down $1,000 to help defeat the evils of same sex marriage. Every morning, he wakes up worried about the homosexual agenda, dreaming that they’re coming to get him and force him into a gay marriage….



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