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Northern Trailer Park Blues


This is really funny. To satisfy the angry hordes of fundamentalist Christians who John McCain used to call a threat to democracy, he appointed a nutcase fundy for his VEEE PEE!!

Ah, but who is this Sarah Palin? She speaks in tongues (that’s when the Lord Jesus’ ephemeral cousin the Holy Spirit enters your orafices and causes you to give pronouncements from GOD), has five children, most of which seem developmentally challenged, and one has Down’s syndrome. She’s opposed to abortion in all cases, believes that “creation science” should be taught in public schools, and thinks that global warming is a myth. Of course, her husband works for a big oil company (BP), and she’s linked to numerous scandals in Alaskan politics. Best yet, her 17 year old daughter has now turned up pregnant! Less than a week after McCain picked her as his running mate! But, Jesus is going to make it all right by making this teenage marry the other poor teen, or the child molester. Or, maybe it was her brother or father, who knows up there in the great white north.

Pregnant at 16, that is what home-schooling, creationist, abstinence-only education gets you…..